Thyroid tissue remnants after "total thyroidectomy".

G Chir. 2009 Aug-Sep;30(8-9):339-44.

Thyroid tissue remnants after "total thyroidectomy".

D'Andrea V, Cantisani V, Catania A, Di Matteo FM, Sorrenti S, Greco R, Kyriacou KA, Menichini G, Marotta E, De Stefano M, Palermo S, Di Marco C, De Antoni E.


Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Surgical Sciences.

Erratum in

  • G Chir. 2009 Nov-Dec;30(11-12):460. Kyriacos, K [corrected to Kyriacou, KA].


Total Thyroidectomy (TT) is a gold standard for benign bilateral pathologies and malignant pathologies of the thyroid. TT has numerous advantages over less radical approaches, such as the resolution of the thyroid pathology, avoidance of recurrences, and improved response to life-long substitutive organotherapy. TT has a negligible rate of recurrence. Near Total Thyroidectomy (NTT) is associated with a low rate of recurrence. Subtotal Thyroidectomy (ST), in which a portion of the thyroid gland is deliberately left in the thyroid lodge, has a considerably higher rate of recurrence. The incidence of complications with TT is similar to that with other techniques of thyroid exeresis. However, despite the radical intent of surgeons, a real TT is not always carried out. The complete removal of all the thyroid tissue employing TT is not the norm and micro/macroscopic remnants almost always remain. The literature on these tissue remnants is often based on techniques that are not very accurate in terms of determining the diameters of the tissue remaining. In our study, conducted by colour echo-doppler of the thyroid lodge in 102 patients who had undergone TT for benign thyroid pathologies, we demonstrated significant thyroid tissue remnants after TT in 34 cases of 102 (33,3%). Therefore, out of a total of 102 so-called "total thyroidectomies", only 68 (66,7%) were really total, whereas 12 patients (11,76%) had near total thyroidectomy, leaving tissue remnants < 1 cm, and 22 patients (21,57%) had subtotal thyroidectomy, with tissue remnants > or = 1 cm.



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